Lower Farm Revisited by DC Care

Lower Farm Revisited by DC Care

Having completed the sale of Lower Farm Nursing Home in South Wooton, Kings Lynn, DC Care Southern Region Director Andy Sandel revisited the home one month later to catch up with the purchasers, Ravi Selliah and Operations Manager Julie Archer-Moran to ask how things were going…

Andy: “It’s always good to visit a home that we have been involved in selling, firstly to meet in person the buyers that we have spoken with on a daily basis for a number of months, and secondly to hopefully hear that they are pleased with their acquisition. So Ravi/Julie now that you have taken over, what challenges are you finding and what improvements have you implemented?”

Ravi/Julie: “We worked on a concerted action plan and were completely transparent in our communication with the CQC. A building improvement program was put in place to deal with the fabric of the property and care home environment.

With regard to staffing levels, we used Dependency Tools to assist in planning staffing levels based on the needs of people using the service. We have also introduced a strict training plan to ensure best practice in all aspects of care at the home.”

Andy: “I’m aware that you own other homes Ravi, most of which are quite a distance from Norfolk so what attracted you to Lower Farm, particularly considering the problems the home was encountering?”

Ravi: “My homes are spread geographically from Essex to Lincolnshire and up to Cheshire, so Norfolk is actually a good location for me. Regarding the challenges we faced with Lower Farm, Julie has a background in crisis management and has previously been involved with another home in Kings Lynn.

The situation we faced at Lower Farm was not dissimilar and as such Julie was able to use the support network, knowledge and experience that she had gained, all of which made us very confident that this is a great opportunity for us and that we will turn around the fortunes of this lovely care home.”

Andy: “Julie, the care sector seems to have a number of issues and nursing care seems particularly difficult at present, you have taken over a home with wages/agency costs that were massively impacting on the profitability of the business, how have you tackled this?”

Julie: “We were extremely pleased with how the purchase of Lower Farm proceeded, DC Care worked very closely with all the stakeholders to ensure a smooth sale. You (Andy) and your head office team were extremely helpful and knowledgeable with the support and advice provided throughout the process. We will certainly use DC Care in future acquisitions.”

Andy: “Well it’s been really good to meet you both and to hear that you had a positive experience when purchasing the home, also that you were pleased with the service you received from DC Care. Let’s hope we can find another good quality business for you to acquire.”

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